Meet the Menagerie: Amélie The Pygmy Goat

AKA: Twinkle Toes, Cabrinha (little goat), and Pain in the Butt

This is Amélie. She loves eating olive leaves, grape vines, black electrical tape off of wheelbarrow handles and plastic. Her favorite though, seems to be whatever her sheep is in the middle of eating right at that moment even if she has some all to herself.

Amélie likes to be scratched right between the horns. Dancing on her hind hooves, headbutting her human's hands and playing tag with her sheep are her favorite pastimes. Chasing the stray kitties that come over the wall, the two adoptees (kitties), and the chickens when they are in her territory are some of the other things she does to keep busy.

Amélie is very protective of her sheep, who she follows everywhere to make certain she's okay at all times. Despite the fact that Amélie is the protector of the two, she has been known to shove her sheep out of the way and head butt her in the fluffy fleecy rump to tell her to start squawking at the humans at feeding time.

At present, Amélie only contributes her cuteness to the quinta (little farm). Eventually, she'll give us mini Amélies and maybe enough milk to make cheese with (still not sure there will be enough milk for the cheese).


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

OMG, she is soooooooooooooooo cute! I love goats and dream of owning a few... Gorgeous clicks. I particularly like the 2nd and last ones.



Unknown said...

Thank you Rosa! She is adorable :) I keep hoping we can breed her and have a couple of little goat kids running around!

Bonnie said...

yes she is so cute. I loved meeting her when I was there.