Deviled Eggs

deviledeggsV One of my hubby's favorite foods are eggs. I decided as a treat for him (and myself :)) I would make some Deviled Eggs out of the half a dozen eggs I had left in the fridge. Now I know eggs usually also make most people think more along the lines of spring type of food and deviled eggs as a holiday or special event appetizer, but I think of them more as summer, I think mainly because of the yellow color of the filling and the red paprika my mother always puts on top of hers (which of course I had to copy cause it's sooooo good on them!).

Deviled Eggs

I used 7 eggs, hard boiled (boiled mine about 15 minutes). Cool eggs in cold water for about an hour. I then peeled the eggs, set them aside till I was finished with all of them and ready to make the filling. Cut the eggs in half length wise (I've never tried to do it the other way as I'm sure there would be some difficulty with filling 'em, but it might be interesting to try some time :)) and use a teaspoon to scoop out the yolk, being careful to not break the white part, and put in a bowl. Repeat till all the eggs are done.

Now I don't know how other people do theirs but I have an extra egg (usually one that cracks or doesn't peel very nicely) and I like to take that one and chop it up and put it in the filling along with the rest of the yolks. This tends to give a little extra just in case you didn't put enough mayo/dressing in it to fill them all. As for the rest of the filling I tend to use mayonnaise and mustard with salt and pepper to taste.

deviledeggsH2At this point I use a fork to mash up the yolks and add the mayo (approx. 3 tablespoons) and mustard (approx. 1 teaspoon) and mix it all up. I've had it with green olives added in or diced up pickles and it's very good too. Take a teaspoon and scoop up a nice amount and put it in the spot where the yolks used to be in the egg half and there you go! Rinse, repeat, and then eat!

As I said the hubby loves these, the little one not so much. We offered him some, he took one look and said "No, thanks." But that's OK this time, because that meant more for us!


Bonnie said...

I think I should at least comment. The pictures look great. And I know the deviled eggs are great. I have never had a bad one. Even from your sister.