Lasagna Rolls

lasagnarolls First of all I feel the need to introduce myself. I'm a 27 yr. old wife and mother to one, originally from the Pacific Northwest area of the US. Lived in Oklahoma for about 3 years then 2 years ago moved to Ontario, Canada.

Now when I say mother, I feel the need to explain a little. I married into motherhood. I got lucky and was able to have a wonderful son who was already out of his terrible twos and was on his way into double digits(he's almost 9 now). But as great as this is, I didn't get a blank slate when it came to food. I have to teach him more about how certain foods are good for you and some aren't. So I get the fun of trying to make food that is healthy and tasty.

Not only that but my husband is Portuguese, as in from the western most country in Europe, Portugal. His idea of American/Canadian cuisine is one of the deep south and the less than health conscious. I've been slowly trying to change that idea to one of a more healthy eclectic taste, and once in a while try to come up with something very Portuguese tasting.

US and Canada have a tendency to be immersed in culture because of so many different types of people from so many different backgrounds all in one place. I try my best to do a little of this and a little of that. But I have two big problems. One, I don't like recipes unless it's to get an idea of what to cook or if I have to use one(as in baking). The other is that where I live I don't have as much variety as I would have if we lived closer to a big city. I have to make due or shell out more money or drive over 30 minutes to find some items.

I'm sure most of you(if anyone reads this that is :) ) aren't here for a life story but for the food!

Lasagna Rolls

As for the recipe, as I said before, I don't like recipes. I'm terrible, I just won't follow one to the T. But I do look at them to get ideas if I haven't come up with one on my own already. These Lasagna Rolls just happen to be from Eating Well Magazine.

Now I changed a few things, used basically the same ingredients except cheese and the marinara sauce, which became a jar of vegetarian bolognese(President's Choice Blue Menu, only in Canada as far as I know. Probably something similar in the US) and a cup of shredded lower fat marble cheddar(generic brand) instead of mozzarella . I tasted it after making the tofu mixture and put approximately a tablespoon of liquid from the Kalamata olive jar in to give it a little more salt.

As for the outcome, it smelled like the tomato sauce, olives and garlic. I loved it. The husband loved it(I would have thought he was about ready to lick the plate). The little one said he liked it when I asked, then we had a snag about the red thing on in it that he didn't like(a chunk of tomato from the sauce). He did eat it though without much of a problem after that.

All in all I'd say it was a successful dinner, healthy and tasty.


bk said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere. It's always nice to get recommendations from somebody with great taste.