One Week...

It's been nearly a week (Sunday May 8th will be the actual full week) since we got to Portugal, and so far I'm loving it. This is the first time I've had a chance to actually talk about being in Portugal other than a tweet here or there or a blurb on Facebook.

We have been out almost every day to do something or another and I've gotten to take some photos, but have yet been able to edit/re-size most of them. It just takes too long on this computer (a little netbook) and we've been too busy for me to take the time.

It's odd to wake up and knowing you're in a whole other country/continent and look outside and see a lot of the same things. Sure many of the buildings are brightly colored in blues, pinks, yellow, orange and the signs are in a different language, but it feels very much like a city over in North America.

The smell though is different. It smells like Oregon to me. Which is a comforting smell, one that is fresh, clean and fragrant (though that one might be because of the tons of wild flowers that grow all over.

I tend to compare Portugal to Portland, Oregon frequently so far because there are so many similarities. The layout of the land reminds me of the West Hills and it's very green around the city outskirts as well as in the city.

I had always thought it would be more similar to San Francisco, but I have yet to see a part that looks more like SF than Portland.

Don't get me wrong, the buildings are very different, especially down town Lisbon. The architecture is gorgeous and very detailed.

Did I mention there is a castle here? I've only seen it once when we went to a cathedral (I'll post photos later). I haven't had enough time to get any photos of  Castle of São Jorge yet, but plan to.

Later today we'll be heading up north to Monsanto for a week. There is a castle near there too called Castelo Branco (White Castle). I plan to go photo crazy. It's supposed to be more rustic up there, and I'll probably feel more like I'm in a different country when I get there.

I like this city, but I'm really hoping this trip will help my mind realize I'm not in Kansas any more.


Lena said...

I'm really glad you happy so far! I loved this post, and to tell you the thruth I'm so envy of you right now, specially when you mentioned the smell!... OMG, the smell... I think that's what I miss the most! Have a wonderful time up there, and send me news when you can. Love to you all.

eatlivetravelwrite said...

Rochelle it's so wonderful to be able to live your move vicariously through this blog. I wish that when I had moved to Paris in the early 1990s that blogs and Twitter had been around - it would have made things so much easier for me. You know where to find us if you need to chat and believe me hon, you're NOT in Kansas anymore! Hugs xox

Brian said...

From what I remember you saying Portland, Oregon was a place you enjoyed. Glad to read you are enjoying Portugal. It will be fun reading about some of your experiences there from the perspective of a US citizen that has lived both in the Midwest, and the West Coast. I hope you will quote some of what your hubby and son say about your new home.

Rochelle said...

I love Portland and miss it terribly. I'm thrilled that I'm reminded so much of it here in Portugal. It makes it feel much more like home. If I can get the kiddo to say something other than that he "likes it a lot" and that it's "beautiful" I'll be sure to let you know :D. The hubby on the other hand seems to be thrilled to be back to his homeland.

Rochelle said...

After a week up in Monsanto, I fully agree that I'm not in Kansas :). It's beautiful up there but very different. I can't wait to get my photos edited and some new posts up.

Rochelle said...

I'm big on smell too and it smells like home to me so far. That goes a long way to making me feel like I belong :)