The Gorilla/Human Connection

Little Gorilla, Little Human
Baby and Mama Gorilla
Baby Gorilla
Baby Gorilla

The Toronto Zoo has a fairly recent member to the gorilla exhibit. A gorilla toddler, who seemed to enjoy playing and acting much like a human toddler would.

There was one window where you could see the best and many young children were right up next to the glass. This seemed to intrigue the little gorilla and he/she came running and climbed up so they too were seated at the window looking back at the rest of the exhibit.

I somehow managed to capture a perfect reflection of a little girl just at the right place and right time.

This baby gorilla felt unreal to watch, as if it were a child in a gorilla suit.


sensiblecooking said...

Cute pictures.

Yuri said...

Great photos, love the first one!

Rochelle said...

Thank you! That one was my favorite too, I got very lucky with that one.

penny aka jeroxie said...

cuteness! :) well captured.