Horse-Bunny is the new Donkey.

Horse-Bunny is the New Donkey

I can be as stubborn as a donkey. I get it from my mom. But I don't see it as a bad thing.  I like that I'm willing to be steadfast and refuse to give in when it has to do with something I believe in or am adamant about. It helps me make decisions and keep to them, ones that I would otherwise chicken out of like moving to Canada or Portugal.

This is a good thing. Most of the time.

Problem is that I'm in a new country, with a new culture and I want to get used to my new home so that it can feel like a home and not just a place I'm staying. I feel though as if I, the stubborn donkey, will have to change and adapt to a new path and no one else does. It's a frustration feeling to know that no one else has to make any real changes (the kiddo does, but he's young enough that he's not as set in his ways and is much more pliable).

Here I need to change my feelings about social customs (us Americans have a social bubble, the kissing each cheek thing in greeting is something I'm slowly getting more comfortable with), and the fact that I'm going to be seen as a tyrant when I have my son do his own laundry so he appreciates it more when I do it for him.

Food stuffs are easier for me, as I've been adapting my cooking for a while, but when I see things like white chocolate oreos (you know from across "the pond" in the US) in every store that has food, but can't find kalamata olives (from around the corner and down the road a piece in Greece), I get a little irritated (read: irate).

I know my stubbornness is a double edged sword and I need to learn to adapt better to my surroundings. I need to become softer like a bunny, and tone down the stubbornness to a degree more befit of an intelligent yet pain in the ass horse.

You know like... a Horse-bunny.