The First Day of the First Week of the First Month

January 1st, 2012. I love the first day of a new year. It feels like the beginning of things, much like when a new flower is about to bloom we can choose to start from scratch. 
I have a few things planned for 2012, as it may be the last year (thanks a lot Mayans) I figure I should at least try to do something more than just the usual resolutions (which I'll probably still attempt, but none of those matter much here).

1. Improve my photography. I've in fact decided to work on a 365 project and will post on each Saturday the photos from the week will post my favorites on my Tumblr photo site. If you want to see the photos each day, just check out my Flickr. I also will be trying my best to compete in at least one photo competition each month (it may be a tiny or huge competition, but I want to say I've tried).

2. Improve my writing. I will be writing for an online food publication (which I'll talk about later when it's closer to time for it to be published), so this is a must. I also hope to do more writing along those lines for other publications. I'm also thinking (key word here is THINKING) about trying to write a short story or two during the year. This second part may never go past this "thinking" stage, but I'll put it out there anyways.

3.  I have been toying around with a food idea that I've been encouraged by my family to do. I don't want to say anything really about it until I get in deep enough that I feel it will work to some degree. As soon as I do, I'll elaborate.

4. To have my kiddo learn to cook. I've been trying to do this for a few years, but I often give up because he doesn't seem interested as food isn't his thing, but I want him to have more of an appreciation for food as well as learn how to make things healthy for when he's older. He's 11 now which means he only has 7 years before we boot him out into the real world and I want him to know how to feed himself something other than fast food. Oh and I plan to post the progress.

5. This is the last of this list, and I think it may be the hardest but the most necessary. I WILL Learn Portuguese. If I have to do it all online with out the aid of a class, I must learn this language or I'm going to drive myself and my husband insane with the constant "What did they say?" from both sides.  

I don't know if I'll get any of these done other than the last one, but it's my plan. I plan to review this regularly through out the year. I, of course, plan to continue writing/posting about food, life and photos of Portugal, but I figure if I didn't set out these plans and publish them then I may procrastinate or ignore them.

I'm also curious what everyone else wants out of 2012...?