March is in like a lion...

Rain drops spotted the windows of cars last night as we came out of the store and ventured into the covered parking lot.
I looked outside to see that it was dark, but not too dark. There was definitely cloud cover somewhere. All of these meant one thing had to have happened: Portugal finally got its first rain since the middle of January.

I had been promised lots of rain last year when we decided to move from Canada back to the marido's native land. Rain that I have missed since moving from Portland almost a decade ago. But this winter so far has left me longing for any kind of precipitation, the five month long snows of Ontario or the crazy Oklahoma rains where ten seconds outside has you turned into a drowned rat. 

So, yesterday I was given some rain, beautiful dark crazy looking clouds and wind that would make any windmill either dizzy with spinning or happy they finally got a decent workout. You can imagine how ecstatic I was. And how unhappy the rest of the Lisbon area was that they had to don umbrellas and pull their coats over their heads to shield themselves from the drops.

Que today, where everyone is probably happy about the bright sun, clear blue skies, and the lack of rain. Everyone but me.

March is supposed to come in like a lion. I want it to roar with wind and thunder with rain. I want the grass to become bright vibrant green and things to grow. 

Only then, if the lamb wants to come out and play a bit, it can...

Before it becomes a roast for another rainy day.


Helenismos said...

Beautiful words!
Hmmm... kinda weird weather pattern allover, at least for this last season... here it feels like Summertime, and yet just yesterday a killer tornado and high alert for today! At least in good old Europe, definitely not in Portugal, there aren't these up and downs type of crazy patterns... :0)