Baked Figs and Brie

I recently read that someone thought that fig photos were over rated.

All I could think was,"Really? Overrated? Are you sure?"

They must not have had a fresh fig straight from the tree. One, that after being washed clean, glistens with purple and green. A fig that when ripe, is pink on the inside and oh so sweet from the summer sun.

Certainly, they never had a Portuguese fig, one that's soft when bitten into with little seeds that pop lightly between the teeth. And definitely couldn't have had a fig when paired with soft French brie cheese, pale in color, but full of creamy texture and taste.

There is no way they had figs, in all their violet, verdant and rose glory. Figs that are especially delicious when fully ripe. Not just the ripeness of vibrant colors, but beyond that. Ones that have soaked up the sun to the point when you hold them, it has to be done with delicacy so they don't just slide between the fingers in a delicious mess.

Plump figs paired with that soft brie. A sprinkle of sugar or a drizzle of honey on top and heated until gooey and messy, and perfect for a few crisp crackers.

If they had, then they'd know that fig photos could never be overrated.Those photos are just to whet the appetite. They are there to make your mouth water and make you want to rush to the store and grab a crate or two.

Those photos are to inspire you to play with the fruit, to mold it into something delicious and worthy of their prestige. Even if it's only three ingredients. Even if it's twenty. 

It's fig season. I suggest you hurry and go get some inspiration.

Or just pair a few figs with some soft cheese. It's just good either way.

Baked Figs and Brie
Serves: 2 (If you're willing to share that is.)
Preheat the oven to 350F (175F).

Unwrap the brie and place it on an oven safe dish. This needs to be a dish that you want to serve in.

Wash the figs thoroughly, cut them into quarters and remove any spots that are dark brown or just don't look right. Place the figs on the brie and around it. If they are soft, it's okay, that means they are ripe and the riper the better! If only the inside is good, scoop it out and put it directly on top of the brie.

Sprinkle the sugar on top of everything. If you're using honey (lucky you!) drizzle it on top of everything.

Put the dish into the oven and allow to bake 7-10 minutes or until the brie has just started to ooze all over the dish and the figs have caramelized just slightly on the outside.

Serve with fresh homemade flatbread crackers, it's worth the effort, I promise.


Nancy/SpicieFoodie said...

I don't believe in any food ingredient being over rated. Your article states it perfectly and can be applied not only to beautiful figs, like the ones in your photos, but any such food. No I really want to run out an purchase some figs and Brie. Yummy recipe Rochelle!

Rochelle Ramos said...

Thank you Nancy! I agree that any ingredient, or anything for that matter, can never be overrated :)

Liz Berg said...

Simple and gorgeous! I served a cheese tray this weekend with fresh figs and lovely. I'll add baked brie next time :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Gorgeous pictures and scrumptious dish! I am a sucker for Brie.

Good to know that we share the same taste for music... ;-)



Tan said...

In all my years, how have I never done this before? Delicious!!!

mjskit said...

You are so right - anyone who says that the figs are overrated has never had one fresh picked from the tree. They are SO good! I can't wait for them to start showing up at the markets. This dish looks delicious!

Kalyan Panja said...

Just mouthwatering...looks delicious!

Bonnie said...

This was one of your best written posts ever. It would make anyone want to eat Figs.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Figs are not my favourite fruit, but I've discovered a new fondness for them since we moved to a house with a fig tree :)

Petiscos e Miminhos said...

I´m so glad that I found your blog,
it´s beautiful!

Roz Corieri Paige said...

I can't imagine anyone believing that this perfect fruit is over-rated. I can't get enough of figs and wish that someday I will have the pleasure of eating a fresh fig plucked straight off the tree . . . an in Portugal, it would be close to heavenly! Pinned, bookmarked, and plussed! I MUST try this while figs are in season now! Absolutely beautiful photography that I could dwell on for hours!!!!!


Sue/the view from great island said...

Overrated? Ha! I think you showed them...I can't take my eyes off that last shot.

Rochelle Ramos said...

Ha! Thank you Sue!