Meet the Menagerie: Hop the Dwarf Bunny

Hop The Dwarf Bunny
AKA: Bunny, BunBun, Guinea Pig (you'll meet the guinea pig later) mount

Hop joined the menagerie last year along with his bestest best buddy, Cauliflower. He keeps to himself most of the time in his little rabbit hole that we are starting to think leads to China... or since we're in Portugal, perhaps it leads back to the homeland of Portland, Oregon. 

None the less, Hop is rarely called by his given name (the Kiddo named him...). Instead he often goes by BunBun and Bunny. He has yet to respond to any name though, thanks to his hermit like behavior. 

Hop likes to spend his days hiding down the rabbit hole with his best buddy, Cauliflower, once in a while emerging with said Cauliflower on his back like he's a horse. (I promise to post any photo evidence as soon as I can get it). 

Hop contributes nothing to the farm other than cuteness and transportation for Cauliflower. We don't care though, because he's adorable and oh so sweet when we can capture him long enough to give him loves and not just yummy veggies from the garden. 


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a sweet cutie!