Meet the Menagerie: Phoebe, a Canadian Kitty in Portugal

AKA: Gata Laranja, Sweetness, Scaredy-cat, Phoebers

Meet Phoebe. She's something of an oddity here in Portugal, not just because she doesn't have the HUGE Portuguese kitty eyes (Portuguese kitties are relatives to the anime kitty) or because she's epileptic, or even because she's a female orange tabby (I hear they are rare). No no no... she's unique to Portugal cause she's infact a Canuck. That's right, Phoebe is a Canadian kitty in Portugal. 

She likes playing with twist ties off of bread bags, rubbing her face on lamps and sleeping all day long. Her favorite thing to eat are those little kitty treats that if you shake the bag the kitties will juggernaut themselves through the wall to get to it. According to the old commercial anyways.

Her biggest pet peeve seems to be a camera being pointed at her, loud noises and people/animals that are unknown to her. She's also quite afraid of anything outside the house, though she's been working on her agoraphobia since moving to Portugal.

If you were to meet Phoebe, you'd likely find her either on the master bed or under it. It's her safe spot and you'd be new, thus requiring her to seek safety. Because, you know, you're scary. Don't judge.

At present Phoebe contributes the most out of all the animals on the quinta in that she keeps the human female (me) sane and has done so for 6 years and counting. 


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a beauty! I love ginger cats. And those eyes, simply gorgeous!