Pancakes for Dinner

Over the weekend I had a birthday to attend. The little one turned 9 and so therefore I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Unfortunately for me I didn't make it from scratch and used a boxed cake mix and frosting. This is all fine and well if you can handle vast amounts of sugar and not get a sugar hang over the next day. I can't anymore. I've been eating a lot healthier food than I used to for the past 2 and a half years, and things that are less than healthy (certain fast food, and food with lots of sugar and simple carbs like white pasta, bread and white rice) upsets my tummy now when I apparently had an immunity to them before.

I cook healthier now not just because it's much healthier to make your own food (since you can regulate what you put into it as well as add as much or as little of certain things as you want to your taste), but I also have high blood sugar which I can regulate with healthy cooking. As you know (those of you who have tried any of the other food on the blog) that doesn't mean my family and I eat "cardboard" (you can ask my mom if they taste good, because she has tried almost everything on here, and she'll tell you they do... whether they do or not :P ).
All that to tell you I didn't take a picture of the cake for the blog because none of them came out really well and I don't want people to want to eat a cake that would give you a huge sugar rush (the hubby actually had a piece the day after and said "I can feel the sugar rush already!" looking slightly disgusted about a minute after he ate it) and a sugar hangover (which is what I had) the next day.

As you can see this post is about pancakes. I have said before that the little one LOVES pancakes, so, for dinner (yes I said dinner) I made him some. I had planned on doing that for him for breakfast, but had changed my mind because I didn't have time by the time I dragged myself out of bed and wrapped presents and frosted the cake. The night before I went looking at other blogs for a basic pancake mix and stumbled upon They just happened to have a simple mix that didn't have too many ingredients and luckily I had them all in my cupboard already. I will not be posting the recipe (click on the mix link for the pancake recipe) as I'm sure the person who did the recipe would much rather get the traffic there to view it :).
pancakesH Now I also need to let you know my pancakes weren't as fluffy as the ones in the other blog. I was bad and read 2 cups of flour when it was supposed to be 1 cup (I blame myself for having terrible handwriting and miss read what I had written down). I tried to make up for it by adding more of the other ingredients, but it seems I still didn't get my pancakes as pretty and fluffy as they were in the recipe that I had seen. This however didn't matter to the one they were made for. He gobbled them up with their maple syrup and butter. I had made a batch big enough to make enough extra for the morning too!