Yogurt with Blueberries and Peach slices

Yogurt with Peaches and Blueberries It's been hot here lately. Hot and humid. Now 90F isn't hot to a lot of people but mixed with the humidity and no AC, it is down right uncomfortable, especially when you live in Canada and lately we've had a pretty mild summer. Don't get me wrong, I know what heat and humidity are, I used to live in southern Oklahoma, where it could get to 110F and the humidity was at 100%, which basically feels like you hit a wall of liquid air when you open the door to go outside.

I had some blueberries and some peaches I got from the store recently and had been wondering what to do with them when I got an idea to make a nice cool refreshing dessert.

Take a half cup of blueberries (can be substituted for any other berry if you prefer) and 2 peaches. Rinse the blueberries and make sure stems and the little brown things that tend to get left on some of them are gone and put them to the side. The peaches are a bit trickier. There are 3 ways to do them. If you don't mind the skin leave it on, if you don't the other two ways take a little longer.

Yogurt with Peaches and BlueberriesThe quick way is to cut the skin off, which is easy but makes the peach less than round and smooth. The long hard way is to peel the skin off. Peeling the skin off only really works if it's a reddish peach that is ripe. You take your knife and cut in at the top center of the peach and get the edge of your knife under the skin, put your thumb on the other side to grip the skin between knife and thumb and pull it down. This takes forever but your peaches look a bit more pretty :). Now cut the peach in half and then cut the slices around it and pull it away from the seed.
Yogurt with Peaches and Blueberries
Find some small bowls or even nice looking glasses (I used wine glasses) and take out some yogurt. The yogurt can either be vanilla yogurt or plain 0% yogurt if you don't want it too sweet (I used the plain yogurt). Put some of the yogurt in the bottom, add some blueberries and peach slices, more yogurt more blueberries and more peach slices, and then top with more yogurt, blueberries and peach slices.

I put mine in the freezer, though if you have plenty of time, I'm sure the fridge will do nicely. The hubby, who informed me that he doesn't like blueberries said he liked it though would have rather had a different berry in it. The little one didn't have any, he opted for cookies instead and I was too warm to try to get him to eat the healthier option of yogurt and fruit! This also makes a great breakfast. Defiantly a nice, cool and healthy way to start or end the day.