Coffee Granita with Chocolate and Vanilla pudding - My first guest blog post!

Penny over at Jeroxie (Addictive and Consuming) asked me to do a guest blog post for her while she was away on holiday in Bali, I felt honored and jumped at the chance to help one of the first foodie/bloggers I met when I started my own blog!
Penny, a Singaporean Native who lives in Melbourne, Australia has a great food blog where she does many restaurant reviews of the local cuisine as well as her own culinary adventures in the kitchen. She is like me in the sense, that she too has a love for food and a love for sharing her own ideas and recipes with those willing to listen. She has shared many a new food idea with me that I, as a North American, have either never tried or never knew how to make before.

Being as it's almost summer Down Under, Penny requested I do a summer dessert to share with her readers which you can feel free to check out on my guest blog post at Jeroxie (Addictive and Consuming) as well as the many other yummy posts there. First thing in the heading of Penny's blog that "Food brings people together" which is something that I think any of us would be more than happy to agree with! Thank you for the opportunity to be a guest blogger for you Penny!


Divina Pe said...

I'm just imagining the texture of the granita and pudding in my mouth and it's irresistible. I just want to dig into the photo.

Anonymous said...

I love this!! So inspired and creative! Agree with Divina - the juxtaposition of creamy soft pudding and crunchy granita is just fabulous!

Jessie said...

I love it! such a great chocolate treat for those who love chocolate like us!

Karine said...

This sounds original and delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

Cocina Savant said...

Inventive and incredible dessert. I have no doubt the bitter coffee, sweet chocolate, and nuanced vanilla make an excellent combination.

Rochelle said...

Divina - The two textures meld very well together, and the creaminess of the pudding helps with the coffee flavor to make a great taste :)

experimentalculinarypursuits - Thank you! It took quite a bit of thinking to come up with something that would work, but it turned out perfect :)

Jessie - Chocolate, vanilla and coffee come out so great when mixed together :)

Karine - Thank you!

Cocina Savant - They do work perfectly together :)