Food for Haiti

As many of us know there was a 7.0 earthquake just off the coast of Port-au-Prince last Tuesday (January 12, 2010), causing major damage to Haiti's capital city and the surrounding area. Many of the major landmarks have been severly damaged or destroyed along with most of the hospitals in the area.

When you hear this you may say "What does this have to do with food?" It actually has a lot to do with food. The people in Haiti have a short supply of food and water, and with out both the situation will become even worse for the the survivors and those that are providing hands on help. But there are many people and organizations who are trying to lessen that burden. Here are some ways you can help too, if only to just spread the word!

Kids Against Hunger is an organization that has helped feed the hungry around the world for over 3 years. Their goal is to fill 30,000 bags to send to Haiti next week. Each bag will feed 6 people. If you'd like more information about volunteering or donating you can contact Kids Against Hunger at

UN World Food Programme are accepting donations and are looking for people to spread the word. More information is provided at

Action Against Hunger is a program that's first concern is to address the issue of drinking water, the high rates of chronic malnutrition and the destruction of food storage. Donations can be made at

Also of course be aware of scams by keeping informed. The FBI has a press release that you can view here.

Another way to help is by giving to the charity of your choice. Charity Navigator has a long list and a description of what they are accepting as donations and what it will go to.

Last but not least is that I signed up for Bloggers Unite. "Bloggers Unite is an attempt to harness the power of the blogosphere to make the world a better place." Thanks to this site, they quickly emailed me a widget to post on my blog to help people be able to donate to Doctors Without Boarders.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Edit and an addition:
Lauren over at Celiac Teen has informed me that she too would like to help Haiti by making an ebook that you can help with. If you would like to find out more about this please check out


Lauren said...

Great post! Its always good to know how people can help =D.

Maryam said...

food for Haiti .. this is the only food blog I saw it talking about Haiti earthquake. thanks for your caring for them and I'm with you

Esperanza said...

Thank you for this post. If anyone is interested, Democracy Now! has been covering Haiti in great depth this week and providing wonderful historical overviews of how the food and poverty crisis came about and how it connects to the devastation caused by the earthquake. You can find their news programs online. In talking with people on the ground, Doctors Without Borders came up many times as one of the most important organizations filling the medical and rescue needs that are so important at the moment.

Liz Marr, MS, RD said...

Thanks for keeping the focus on Haiti in the forefront.

pegasuslegend said...

so sad for them thanks for the focus and this is great to do that....

penny aka jeroxie said...

Brilliant. Shall try and help in our ways. Thanks for post.

Lo said...

Thanks for keeping this cause in the spotlight.

Also have a great link where you can check out the efficacy and efficiency of charities you're contemplating donating through:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these resources!

Divina Pe said...

Thanks for sharing the resources and for taking the time off to publish a post for a good cause.