Charred, Bricked and Vined...

Brick wall with vines
I love me some good texture. Texture makes a photo feel more real. Like in a good painting, texture in a photo can make an otherwise boring image come alive.

The brick gives texture, the vines give more. This wall in spring is gorgeous. It's covered with growing things.

Hopefully it'll warm up enough for me to get a shot of it before I run off to a foreign land :D.

Burned Stump

On my way home one day, I just happened to have my camera and decided that This ugly stump is on my way home from taking the kiddo to school. It needed some attention.

I think it's gorgeous with the color and the texture so raw.


emma said...

wow. this is amazing. gorgeous design, absolutely luscious photography, and nice words. I love it, bravo to you!

Rochelle said...

Thank you, Emma! I hopefully will be doing a lot more of this when I get to Portugal :)