How to Create Your Own Mold

How to Create your own moldIn the course of your cooking life, you're bound to come across a recipe that asks you to use a mold. Not that fungus that grows on things, but that round (usually) hollow cookie cutter  that is large enough to put something in both diameter and in height. Thing is, how many of us use a round cookie cutter?
I don't know about you, but I usually use the edge of a cup or something similar that will do the cutting part but isn't required to stay in position for much longer than 2 1/2 seconds for things like that. I also don't like spending money on stuff that I don't use often and will inevitably get lost in the drawer known as the "graveyard" of  other 1-2 time use kitchen gadgets and supplies.

This is where a little bit of creativity can come in handy!

You only need a couple of tools that are usually found in every household to achieve your very own circular mold!

Disclaimer: If you are under the age of 18 or have a tendency to inadvertently cause harm to yourself or another (you know who you are), please don't do this with out the supervision of an adult!

Tin Can Mold

Tools Needed:
  • Can opener
  • Clean empty can (I used a small tin coffee can)
This is the easiest and most sturdy of my two different molds.
Take the empty can and turn it upside down. Using the can opener, cut the bottom off.

Be careful not to cut yourself on the tin piece you just cut away or any jagged edges.
Voila! You have a round mold, perfect for plating pretty dishes and to use as a form for desserts that need to set up.
How to Create your own mold

Plastic Jar Mold

Tools Needed:
  • Safety glasses
  • Black marker (not required but helps a ton)
  • Scissors
  • Sharp box cutter
  • Rotary tool
  • Clean Empty Plastic Jar (I used a peanut butter jar)
  • A vice grip or an extra pair of hands
This one is more of a pain to work with. It takes more time and is more difficult to get a clean cut.
How to Create your own mold
Put on the safety glasses.

Using your marker, make a dotted line around the top and the bottom of your jar where to cut it (see picture above).

Place your jar in either the vice grip or the extra pair of hands to keep the jar from moving.
Cut the jar on the dotted line using the box cutter or scissors.
    How to Create your own mold

If you have a rotary tool to play with, you won't need the scissors or the box cutter. Do the above steps with the rotary tool instead of the box cutter or scissors. If you don't have a rotary tool, this may come out uneven, but a little bit of work and extra time with some scissors will get you a fairly even and smooth edge.
How to Create your own mold

Make sure to wash the plastic well before using with food, and of course do not use around heat/flame

    How to Create your own mold
    Now you have two ways to use everyday items to create a mold to use in the kitchen! The best part? These can be recycled when you are done and you won't have one extra thing to help clutter your kitchen.


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