Second Week... Not the Same As the First.

A View from Monsanto, Portugal
Like I stated last week, I've been busy. This last week we spent 6 days up north in Monsanto, a town full of granite houses and beautiful scenery (I'll edit more photos to show it off this weekend).

I had only one day were I could connect to the net and that was with 1 bar of strength. I obviously couldn't blog under those conditions. Though I wanted to.

I also haven't had the chance to cook anything except make salad, hence the reason I haven't been posting any recipes since I've been here, though again, I plan to.

Tomorrow we will be busy again, going to an outdoor market and then to get a few things that we have been in need of since moving. This means that I'll be lucky to get much edited in the way of photos and am hoping I'll get enough time to be able to write a post.

I promise to try to get a better post up that is much more in depth than this but I wanted to give a preview with the photo at the top.

If it wasn't me that took that photo, I'd be envious.


Brian said...

I did not take that picture. I am as many shades of green with envy as I see in that picture. I would also be blue as the sky, if I weren't so happy for you. I will content myself with thoughts of visiting you in Portugal someday.